[MPlayer-users] Where to get libmp3lame

Dariusz Andziak dandziak at kikom.pl
Wed Feb 16 10:19:30 CET 2005

The rpms you can find under http://apt.sw.be/packages/lame/. You need to 
install the lame-devel package,too. Both packages should have the same 
Then you can re-configure MPlayer, and check if there is a message like: 
"libmp3lame=yes" on console window. Then you have to re-compile Mplayer 
and... it works.
It should work with rpm-installation of MPlayer, too. If not, check the 
place, where are the lame-library installed. I personally preffer the 
installation from source-code.

Good luck.
Reshat Sabiq napisał(a):

> I tried installing the latest mplayer rpm and need to meet the 
> libmp3lame dependency. What is the best place to get this lib from?
> Also, is it important to install from source, or should i continue 
> with the rpm install? This is for FC3.
> Thanks.
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