[MPlayer-users] Encoding HDTV streams

MichaelM lordvader at swiftdsl.com.au
Wed Feb 16 06:51:10 CET 2005

Makes sense.
I just tried the same thing, but ommiting "-of mpeg", hence putting the 
data in an avi stream, and that seems to work just fine, except that I 
can't seek through the stream.

> ac3 streams aren't part of normal mpeg, so they have to be stored in
> some sort of special private stream. the mpeg muxer in mencoder
> doesn't know how to do this, so it can't produce valid mpeg files with
> ac3 audio...
> i'm sure others could give you a better explanation, but that's the
> basic problem. patches to fix this would be welcome.
> rich
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