[MPlayer-users] NVidia video output driver recommendation

Julius Schwartzenberg julius at zgod.cjb.net
Tue Feb 15 22:21:58 CET 2005

We've got a old system in our flat which we would like to use to play 
movies. The biggest performance thing seems to be the video output 
driver. I've tried several drivers, but only the VESA driver seems to be 
fast enough.
Here are the specifications of system: AMD K6-2 416MHz, 96MB RAM, 
ViaTech Apollo MVP3 chipset, NVidia Geforce2 MX (connected to TV), ADI 
SoundPort AD1816A.
I've installed Gentoo on the system and the latest MPlayer from MPlayerHQ.
There is a weird problem with the X-server though. After running it, 
everything else (even when rebooting), is suddenly displayed in 
black&white including the VESA driver from MPlayer. The X-server always 
comes up in color though. I'm using the nvidia driver (not nv). I'm 
suspecting this has something to do with PAL/NTSC.
Does anyone recognise this problem? Is there anyone with a similar 
system that could give me some configuration suggestions?
Thanks a lot in advance,

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