[MPlayer-users] feature request

Igor Serebryany igor47 at monksofcool.org
Fri Feb 11 23:35:59 CET 2005

I often play media files from network-mounted shares.  currently, i can do 
some arithmetic to figure out what my cache sizes ought to be.  it would 
be nice, however, if mplayer did this for me - and i think it would be 
really easy to implement.

starting mplayer example:
mplayer filename -media-speed 130kb/s

mplayer would automatically set cache and cache-min

if length is the length of the file in seconds and size is the size of the 
file in kilobytes,

cache = size - (media-speed * length)
min-cache = 100

if i can download at 130kb/sec, then if the file is 5400 seconds (90 min) 
long i can expect to be able to play it in realtime only if it is 702000 
kb.  the difference between the actuall size and how much i can download 
while the file is playing ought to be the cache size.



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