[MPlayer-users] How to use -vf filters - in with order?

CrimeDog crimedog at wp.pl
Thu Feb 10 18:47:21 CET 2005


I have one (simple I think) question. In with order are being processed
filters in -vf chain? For example, when I want firstly denoise and then
scale, should I use thi:

-vf hqdn3d,scale=640:480


-vf scale=640:480,hqdn3d

The similar question for deinterlacing, but now I don;t know what should
be done firstly (not only how to queue (compose) this).
I am confused - -pp had different order if I remember correctly.but
somebody say, that hadn't.

PS. Sorry for my English if I have done some mistakes :-)

With kindest regards:
Konrad Materka

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