[MPlayer-users] Problem reading DVD burned on the JVC DR-MH20S

Thierry Grauss tgrauss at free.fr
Mon Feb 7 19:44:39 CET 2005

Le Lundi 7 Février 2005 19:27, Emiliano Rago a écrit :
> Try to copy the DVD into your home and then do
> mplayer -dvd-device <directory> dvd://1
> If it work, then the problem is that you put into the DVD a wrong file
> system.
> Regards,
> Emiliano

It is the same problem and the same error message.

In fact, the burner is not in the computer, and is not connected to the 
computer. It is an external dvd burner connected on the TV, satellite 
decoder, and VCR. I used the remote control to record the video tape on the 
hard drive of the dvd burner, then I transfered the film on a dvd-r and 
finalized the disc (everything with the remote control, outside of the 

I can read without any problem the DVD on the external dvd burner, but not on 
the dvd drives in the computer (but I can mount the DVD and see the files on 
the disc).



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