[MPlayer-users] Looking for advice - combining Titles

Alexander Roalter roalter at cs.tum.edu
Mon Feb 7 18:20:53 CET 2005

mplayerhq.hu at jamesplace.net wrote:
> I appreciate the information. That's closer to what I'm looking for. 
> However there's still about a one second delay when switching Titles. 
> Is there a way I can just dump both streams into a single file? 

I don't know if it works for you, but 'cat'ing together both parts of 
the Lord of the Rings movies worked quite well for me (as it did for the 
2Disc Spartacus, Once upon a time in America and The Godfather Pt.2, too.

First, dump all movies:

mplayer dvd://1 -dumpstream -dumpfile 1.vob
mplayer dvd://2 -dumpstream -dumpfile 2.vob
mplayer dvd://3 -dumpstream -dumpfile 3.vob

then cat them all together:

cat 1.vob 2.vob 3.vob > movie.vob

Plays fairly well (with no flicker) for the aforementioned DVDs, but you 
have to see for yourself.


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