[MPlayer-users] getting make to work for ARM

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Mon Feb 7 17:16:53 CET 2005

Trilok Soni wrote:

> Kumar,
>> I am new to this but it almost seems to me that the option to
>> specify the assembler on the configure command line is not working
>> properly.
> You should not top-post I believe.

This is true, but you just committed the same fault yourself, since
below your interleaved-quoting post was a full top-quoting-style copy of
the entire post you were responding to.

> Have you experimented with what steps I had given before. You should
> always give more information about your setup.
> eg. Board Info - if possible.
>     Toolchian Info. - versions.
>     A full log.


> Ref:
> Refer/learn autotools, automake tools.

I'm not sure how this would help, given that MPlayer does not use
autotools (and the devs have adamantly refused several attempts to
persuade them to switch over); the MPlayer configure is written by hand.

> Check the config.log always, if you are getting error in "configure".
> Always post full error log.
> You can also refer document "How to ask smart questions?".

These are good advice.

>> I only say this because I find that the specified compiler
>> 'CC=arm-gcc-linux' gets specified in the config.mak file.  However,
>> the ARM assembler is not specified anywhere in the file.
>> ./configure --target=arm --cc=arm-linux-gcc --as=arm-linux-as --enable-static
> Checkout first "./configure --help". Is it giving you "--cc" option
> You should give "--target=arm-linux". Again check the config.log ,
> whenever you get the configuration error.

As you'd know if you'd looked yourself, yes, configure does offer both
'--cc' and '--as' options. Looking at the actual configure code,
however, I don't see how the contents of '--as' actually get passed into
the output; they appear to be overridden by 'whatever assembler is
associated with the compiler we're going to use'. (I'll admit that this
could be because I don't know shell scripting as well as I'd like, but
since as the original poster noted there also is no $AS in config.mak
I'm not sure how that would be getting passed through either.)

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