[MPlayer-users] Re: CVS Mplayer compiling problem

Bartosz Sokolowski bazancik at poczta.fm
Mon Feb 7 00:36:35 CET 2005

Hello Torinthiel

On  4.02.05, you wrote:

> Exam session maybe? I had last exam (this session) on Wednesday ;)

Not really :( I finished my studies more than 2 years ago. Now I'm
networking engineer (Cisco man ;)) and sometimes I must deploy network
changes late in the night ;)

> See the attached file. It contains all the system headers that are
That was quite tricky part ;)))) In fact I didn't see that there is no
attachment because I downloaded this mail with such a crap as Outlook
Express and OE doesn't understand PGP so it presented your mail in topic
list as mail with attach ;) Does't matter - I received yor second mail with
much better YAM for MorphOS ;) 

> included before netdb.h in vo_x11.c
> If it compiles, than we have to check more throughly, and I'll need your
> config.h for that.

It seems to be more "interesting" problem - netdb_test.c compiled fine. I
think that means that my system includes are fine. config.h is included as
attach (I hope).

> grep HAVE_XF86VM config.h
> for the first one and
> grep HAVE_SHM config.h
> for the other three.

Hmmm it seems according to config.h that I have support for both (SHM and
XF86VM). I'm waiting for further instructions ;) 
Best regards,
Bartosz (Bazant) Sokolowski
PegasosII G4/1000 powered by Radeon8500
MOS, Debian & MOL user
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