[MPlayer-users] Movie dissapears when OSD kicks in using -vf scale, expand, lavc

Julián Nuñez julian at proteger.org.ar
Fri Feb 4 16:10:00 CET 2005

I've found that using the -noslices option corrects the problem. Is this 
behavior normal?
If it's so, should't it be documented?

Julián Nuñez.

Julián Nuñez wrote:

> Hi, I'm here to report a possible bug.
> When I use the lavc filter together with crop and expand, as soon as 
> an OSD element appears (subtitle, vomume bar, playing time) the movie 
> disappears, and the only thing that can be seen is the OSD. After the 
> OSD disappears, the screen remains black.
> The (for me) strange thing is that it happens with certain movies and 
> not with others, maybe it has something to do with colorspace. It 
> happens with "Monster Inc." but not with "Baraka". It happens with 
> pre5, pre6 and CVS.
> Here is the command line I'm using:
> mplayer -vf crop=512:0,expand=-1:384:-1:-1:1,lavc -vo mpegpes Monster.avi
> After a few seconds I press the "o" key, making mplayer show the 
> current playing time.
> Then, when I play grab.mpg, the movie dissapears when the time appears.
> I see the same effect using -vo dxr3, so I guess the problem is not in 
> the vo but somewhere in lavc filter.

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