[MPlayer-users] samba support(?)

Savchenko Andrew Bircoph at list.ru
Fri Feb 4 02:12:55 CET 2005


> > Is there someone so lucky to make smb support works correctly??! I
> > understand, this support is experimental, but I can't make it works
> > anyway... I'm using the latest CVS version of MPlayer.
> >
> > So, there are some bugs detected:
> > 1) Error in configure script. This test code from configure can't be
> > compiled even if samba installed, because _before_ calling any function
> > of libsmbclient you must call smbc_init, according to libsmbclient
> > documentation:
> Ok, that tells why the code cannot be RUN properly. Now, why it cannot
> be compiled? On my system configure detects libsmbclient properly.

Sorry, it was stupid assumtion. The problem was in library linking (see 

> > ..and so on (it is _not_ full output). This error occurs because libssl
> > is NOT linked. So, I've change
> > SMBSUPPORT_LIB = -lsmbclient
> > to
> > SMBSUPPORT_LIB = -lsmbclient -lssl
> > in configure.mak and code compiled successfully.
> What version of samba are you using? Damn, just checked, mine (2.2.12)
> works well without -lssl

I also have 2.2.12, mysteriously. Maybe your samba was compiled without 
openssl support?

> Havent checked, though, if there is no
> configure option to {en,dis}able -lssl. But OTOH it won't be hard to add
> another check to configure, if it's needed.
> BTW -lssl is probably the reason why configure doesn't detect your
> libsmbclient. Try the attached patch and tell me if it helps
> autodetection and compilation.

Original patch does not help because of -lnsl missing, but if replace
if cc_check -lsmbclient -lssl; then
if cc_check -lsmbclient -lssl -lnsl; then
everything is ok: configure detects samba and mplayer compilation is 
successfull; but it still doesn't play via smb...

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