[MPlayer-users] Re: is fbdev broken ?

jarek darnowski skyridee at wp.pl
Tue Feb 1 10:42:46 CET 2005

> yes, someone committed lots of idiotic nonsense to the fbdev vo
> modules to display 'subtitles below the movie' or something
dumb like
> that. if someone can identify the specific cvs commits that did
> i'll look them up and reverse them sometime.
> rich

last 100% working fbdev (in my oppinion) was in mplayer 0.92.
starting from the initial version of 1.0, when fbdev2 was
introduced, -vo fbdev was broken :( can anyone fix this ?

of course i can still use 0.92 but it lacks lots of features and
is incopatible with most modern containers and codecs.

broken -vo fbdev in *all* 1.0 versions makes no sense for me to
use it, because i'm mainly using framebuffer console.

also tdfxfb doesn't work for me. is anyone engaged in development
of this video module nowdays or the project is dead ? 


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