[MPlayer-users] [SOUND]: different alsa-device dending onAC3possible?

ACS adrian.bacon at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 24 11:13:37 CEST 2005

> mplayer should pass-through ac3 stream to an external decoder when it sees 
> one
> and otherwise decode the non-ac3 stream and send the pcm to the defined 
> "spdif"
> alsa subdevice?
> If so, then that is exactly what I want. And then I guess I've found a 
> bug. But
> did I understand you correctly, is this the intended behaviour of mplayer?
That's exactly how I configured geexbox0.98.5 (featuring mplayer pre 1.06) 
over here.
for MP3, ogg flac wav etc input I get decoded PCM out on the spdif port.
AC3 and DTS are sent out as raw encoded data to my external DTS/AC3 decoder

In mplayer.conf these two lines do the trick for me:



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