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Tue Aug 23 07:29:39 CEST 2005

Please excuse my degraded English abilities here:

While playing audiovideo (movies, mpeg, avi, etc.) it
used to be in older versions of mplayer that seek
(default keys left, right, up, down) when holding the
keys down would wonderfully show a high frequency of
intermittant frames while in seek.  In addition, it
had very good response when letting go of the key.  I
found this to be a great method to precisely seek to
the position in the file I needed while in play.

This was with the default up, down, left, and right
keys, usually simply holding them down.

Now, however, the frequency of intermittant frames
displayed is extremely low in comparison, the response
is slower when letting go, and the seek functions feel
much more like trying to drive a rocket with controls
of molasses.  It's the difference between being able
to  shoot a target with an arrow and being in a
nightmare when you can't run fast enough from some big
fuzzy vague monster trying to get you and you have no
idea where you're going and just can't get there that
fast --- I just don't like it.

I attempted to fix this using the following methods:

* Change xset r rate settings.  No effect.

Other changes which may have had an effect are:

* I used to have my Intel Pentium 4 CPU machine
overclocked to approximately 3.12GHz.  Now I run it at
native 2.606GHz.

I am not aware of any other hardware changes.  Just
about all software including libraries and drivers
could have been changed during regular system

I would like to stop slugging along in molasses
whenever I need to seek through the file.  If someone
knows the most likely reasons this is occurring, then
please let me know, so that I can tackle it.  I know
enough programming and Unix that if you have good
ideas of how this is happening I could hack it a bit,
but if it is a subtle interaction in complex code that
I haven't studied, just telling me what suspect
version numbers and areas of code and even which
pieces would be very useful too, so then I could just
go back to that version.

Since there may be some difficult subtle library
dependencies, I didn't test the version theory yet. 
If someone knows right away, that would be wonderful. 
However, if not, I could start trying.

P.S., Mplayer has been wonderful.  The ratio of
goodness to badness Mplayer has has usually been very
high.  That by itself doesn't excuse continual
degradation attacks on all things in life that I wish
to repel.

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