[MPlayer-users] [BUG] Demux format detection bug (demuxer_desc_mpeg_pes)

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Sat Aug 20 23:19:06 CEST 2005

christophe barbe wrote:

>I was trying to understand why mplayer misdetects some rawDV files.
>After playing with the source (latest CVS snapshot), I figured out that
>these DV files are misdetected as mpeg_pes files, this detection is
>attempted before the DV one. I can play successfully these DV files
>after commenting out the line "&demuxer_desc_mpeg_pes," in
>the demuxer_list array (file libmpdemux/demuxer.c:101).
>Would it be possible to move the DV detection up to avoid this problem
>or are rawDV files hard to detect correctly?

no, the order must stay as it is now, or the DV demuxer will catch 
mostly everything.
It's possible that it's buggy and in this case it could and should be fixed.

>My understanding is that there is no way to help mplayer to figure out
>that it's a rawDV file so the only solution is to fix the mpeg detection
>code or move the DV detection up.

this last one

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