[MPlayer-users] Re: ANNOUNCE: Pygme - Mplayer Frontend

Gábor Farkas gabor at nekomancer.net
Wed Aug 17 14:05:31 CEST 2005

Kichigai Mentat wrote:
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> On Aug 15, 2005, at 23.52, Vinay Reddy wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Pygme is an mplayer frontend written in Python/PyGTK. It's been
>> written with audio and video songs in mind (as opposed to movies). It
>> has a searchable media library, which can be used to enqueue songs in
>> a playlist. It also has support for processing ID3 tag information.
> Uhm, yes, I think many of us know about this. And it's nothing new.  
> MythTV (might be FreeVo) uses Pygme to take advantage of the power of  
> MPlayer.
> Could you please explain your question, feature request, or bug  report 
> (since that's the purpose of the mailing list)?

could YOU explain YOUR question, feature request, or bug  report?


come on, the subject was "ANNOUNCE: Pygme - Mplayer Frontend".

>> Here's the homepage: http://pygme.sourceforge.net

if you go to that webpage, you see that Vinay Reddy (the original 
poster) is the author of this program.

so, for me this seems to be pretty clear:

the author of this program wanted to tell the people here that this is 
his program, and it uses mplayer.

that's all.

it might be true that this is not the best place to show this 
information (btw. i think this is. do you think mplayer-devel is a 
better place for it? or mplayer-cvslog? :))))

the original poster should i think send this info also to
so that his project will be included in mplayer.


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