[MPlayer-users] Bug with x86-64

Aaron Williams aaron.m.williams at comcast.net
Sun Aug 14 00:25:47 CEST 2005

One more thing, for V4L2 to work, I need to set the -tv outfmt=yuy2 as 
well.  I did not fix the original problem.  That bug is still there.  I 
just fixed another bug in the V4L2 code where the driver would complain 
when it tried to set the format.

The original problem is on the Athlon64 the code to go from BGR to YUV 
is crashing.  My 'fix' just skips that step.

I also so far am unable to get audio working, though that may be 
something else.


Guillaume POIRIER wrote:
> I'm glad that you managed to fix that problem yourself. I wouldn't
> have been able to reproduce it anyhow (no such card).
> Can someone review that patch? It doesn't seem to complicated.
> Guillaume

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