[MPlayer-users] current position

Jason Tackaberry tack at sault.org
Fri Aug 12 14:50:47 CEST 2005

Hi Hugo,

On Thu, 2005-08-11 at 23:30 -0500, Hugo González Monteverde wrote:
> I do use -quiet because parsing the output without it is a real PITA 
> given the performance of python and buffering.

I wonder if you weren't doing something wrong?  MPlayer does not output
that much that handling -v should be slow, in any language.  Python is
not a speed demon, but it can easily handle this kind of thing.

My code uses about 1% CPU to parse and handle all the status lines.
I'll certainly admit this isn't "fast" for what it does (although the
framework I use adds some non-trivial overhead as well), but it's not
prohibitively slow, and it doesn't approach the level of PITA.

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