[MPlayer-users] Please, I need urgent help with filtering a wedding video

Dark Shadow shadowofdarkness at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 07:22:29 CEST 2005

> one thing to be aware of: if your video really is interlaced (hard to
> tell from the still pics i saw, but i assume it is), you should filter
> the two fields separately for best results. otherwise you'll get
> bleeding between them, and possibly really bogus behavior when
> sharpening if the two fields differ a lot. try something like:
> -vf il=d:d,[your cleanup filters here],il=i:i
> of course replacing "[your cleanup filters here]" with whichever
> filters you want to use.
> rich

I have started making my script for converting these files and need a
little clarification since I could not find some answers in "man
I could not find  or missed what the sharpen filter is called.
As for 2 or 3 pass encoding do you use the same command but just
change the vpass= and leave the rest. Is three going to show even a
slight increase since I think I heard along time ago not to use it?
Can I set it up to target a file size on the second pass or do I have
to use a bitrate calculator every time?

 -ovc lavc\
 -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg2video:mbd=1:vpass=1:aspect=4/3:vbitrate=4400:vrc_macrate=8000:vrc_minrate=0:vrc_buf_size=224:top=0
 -vf il=d:d,hqdn3d=12:9:18,il=i:i\
 -of rawvideo\
 -o video.m2v

This command is meant to give video only as I will use a separate
command to normalize and convert audio to ac3. Then mplex with a third

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