[MPlayer-users] Please, I need urgent help with filtering a wedding video

Dark Shadow shadowofdarkness at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 19:28:20 CEST 2005

On 8/8/05, Dark Shadow <shadowofdarkness at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 8/8/05, Rich Felker <dalias at aerifal.cx> wrote:
> > On Mon, Aug 08, 2005 at 10:40:05AM -0600, Dark Shadow wrote:
> > > So I found out something new about my minidv camcorder. That is the
> > > fact that I have never used it inside and thatall the footage I have
> > > taken has been natural light outside which gives absolutely perfect
> > > quality. Well the problem is I was asked if my sister could use it for
> > > her wedding and I said okay. Well my camcorder does bad quality at any
> > > non natural light level (church was in no way dark but still had
> > > slight problems) and as the scene is darker it gets worse.. The only
> > > outside parts are perfect quality and require no filters.
> > >
> > > I have never used filters since my other footage was perfect so I
> > > would like some help and what would best make this video clean and
> > > presentable
> >
> > There's no way we can know what to do without seeing a clip, but it's
> > probably going to be very difficult to clean it up well..
> >
> > > I plan on making this into a dvd as such I don't need it deinterlaced
> > > since I have always preserved the interlacing and had it turn out
> > > awesome on the tv.
> >
> > For converting interlaced content from DV to DVD, be _SURE_ you get
> > the field order right. If not you will get very stuttery motion. Some
> > people who don't know about this make such DVDs and assume it's
> > normal, and of course the results are very painful to watch.
> >
> I read a tutorial on doom9.org that said all dv camcorders where
> interlaced bottom field first so that is what I have been using.
> > > Here are 3 examples of the video
> > > http://members.shaw.ca/darkshadow/ceremony.jpg
> > > http://members.shaw.ca/darkshadow/reception.jpg
> > > http://members.shaw.ca/darkshadow/giftopening.jpg
> >
> > Ah, here are the samples.. Hmm.. All I can suggest is some fairly
> > strong denoising, perhaps followed by a good sharpening filter.
> > Unfortunately mencoder lacks good sharpeners.. :( The second one is
> > very dark and will be difficult to do much with. If the denoising goes
> > well enough it might be possible to stretch the contrast, but I
> > imagine it will horribly amplify noise.
> >
> > Here's an idea: try taking those still pics and loading them in gimp,
> > and see if you can get them to look good as stills. If so, tell us
> > what gimp filters you use to fix them, and we might be able to suggest
> > some good filters to do the same on video with mencoder..
> >
> Thanks for the idea I will try that in gimp and also look into the
> cinepaint option
> > Rich
> >

I have been working and since I could not find a denoise filter in
gimp I went to video editors. Cinepaint would not compile due to
errors during the make command so I tried avidemux which would open
dv2 files but not rawdv so I have to use kino to convert. In the end I
am using kino to figure out video sections (non linear) then use that
info in avidemux which has alot of filters.

I have found that a "mplayer hqdenoise" with tripling all the default
numbers helps then a "sharpen" with standard settings, helps make the
ceremony and gift opening good enough quality

I have not had time to play with a million variations so if anyone
nows better settings I would like the help. Now I have found I want to
play with the reception to find a way to lighten it up a bit. without
losing quality or a filter after the lightening up to fix it (I don't
worry about encoding timesince this is important footage)

those filters plus settings of 2 pass dvd(lavc) aimed to fit 2 hours
into 4 gigs (room for photo slideshow and menu) will give good results

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