[MPlayer-users] Ignored "rotate 90 deg" in MOV file from Nikon camera

Mario Valle mvalle at cscs.ch
Mon Aug 8 17:40:40 CEST 2005

My Nikon COOLPIX camera can take small MOV movies.
The companion application PictureProject imports those movies and can rotate them 90 deg 
clockwise (as it can do with images).

The resulting MOV file viewed inside the application or with the Quicktime viewer looks 
correctly rotated.

Instead playing it in Mplayer show the clip in the original orientation. Seems the Nikon 
program sets some flag in the MOV header that is interpreted as "rotate 90 deg cw" by the 
player, but ignored by mplayer.

I know I can use -vf rotate=1 to watch the movie, but I want to know if it is a bug.

I have one small example if needed. Where can I upload it? 
ftp://ftp.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/incoming/ is down.


Ing. Mario Valle
Visualization Group                              | http://www.cscs.ch/~mvalle
Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS)      | Tel:  +41 (91) 610.82.60
v. Cantonale Galleria 2, 6928 Manno, Switzerland | Fax:  +41 (91) 610.82.82

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