[MPlayer-users] Re: BUG - Garbled output playing realaudio

Andrew A. Gill superluser at frontiernet.net
Sat Aug 6 23:42:57 CEST 2005

On Sat, 6 Aug 2005, Neil Sleightholm wrote:

> Andrew A. Gill wrote:
> > If you're having the same problem that I'm having, then I might
> > be able to help.
> >
> > It's almost as if the audio were sliced up into one-second bits
> > (which it probably is), but the last half of the second plays
> > before the first half.
> >
> > It only happens on live streams, and I've only noticed it on
> > live streams from the BBC.  (I live in the US)
> >
> > I do have a file that looks like it suffers from the same
> > problem:
> >
> > <http://www.needsfoodbadly.com/garbled.ogg>
> > <http://www.needsfoodbadly.com/ungarbled.ogg>
> >
> > (you don't know how hard it is to track down a bootleg copy of
> > something that you deleted when you bought the CD.)
> >
> > Anyways, it seems to clear up at the end, but every time that I
> > experience it, it doesn't clear up and I have to reinit the
> > stream.
> Thanks for your reply, this is the same problem (you wouldn't want to
> mess up hhgttg). I'm not too clear what your suggested fix is. I too
> find that if you restart mplayer it goes away but I need to have it
> running without intervention.

My suggested fix is that you find someone to fix it.  Unless the
problem has been better diagnosed elsewhere, I think that this
illustration will help people figure out what the problem is.

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It does sound neat though.

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