[MPlayer-users] Re: BUG - Garbled output playing realaudio

Andrew A. Gill superluser at frontiernet.net
Fri Aug 5 03:57:37 CEST 2005

On Thu, 4 Aug 2005, Neil Sleightholm wrote:
> Thanks for looking at this. Here are a few things that might help:
> The dump files I posted probably won't play directly from my site, you
> could try downloading them and then playing them with the cmd line:
> mplayer "00.44 stream.dump".
> The 2 streams that I know suffer this problem are:
> rtsp://rmlivev8.bbc.net.uk/farm/*/ev7/live24/radio1/live/r1_dsat_g2.ra
> and
> rtsp://rmlivev8.bbc.net.uk/farm/*/ev7/live24/radio4/live/r4_dsat_g2.ra
> All the streams come from the BBC site http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/

If you're having the same problem that I'm having, then I might
be able to help.

It's almost as if the audio were sliced up into one-second bits
(which it probably is), but the last half of the second plays
before the first half.

It only happens on live streams, and I've only noticed it on
live streams from the BBC.  (I live in the US)

I do have a file that looks like it suffers from the same


(you don't know how hard it is to track down a bootleg copy of
something that you deleted when you bought the CD.)

Anyways, it seems to clear up at the end, but every time that I
experience it, it doesn't clear up and I have to reinit the

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