[MPlayer-users] Mapping DVD drive eject and forward buttons

Gert van Biljon gertvb at webmail.co.za
Thu Aug 4 00:18:04 CEST 2005

Hi There!

I've got a linux box at home, sitting in the corner acting
as a jukebox.  It runs a few perl scripts, mainly
continiously playing mp3s, occasionally switching to the
news broadcast on radio, as well as checking for the
presence of either a CD or DVD disk in the drive, if a CD
is present it kills the mp3/radio playback and starts cdp
and if its a dvd, mplayer is fired up - all of the above
works perfectly fine

The box however has NO mouse, keyboard or any other input

When I use cdp to play a CD I can however use the eject and
skip/forward buttons on the dvd drive to eject/advance the
playback of the cd.  

With Mplayer I seemingly cannot use these two buttons, my
biggest need is the eject button to stop the playback of a

Is it possible to have mplayer react to input from any of
these two buttons? Googled quite a bit but didnt find


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