[MPlayer-users] Solution required...(very urgent)

Umer Naseer umer at wavetec.com
Sat Apr 30 15:30:46 CEST 2005

hello list

I am using mplayer as a backend for a queuing system. In my queuing system normally the mplayer is meant to show some default show, that means a show is continously running on the lcd in a loop.
When some counter calls the customer the lcd should show that particular counter number animation. i already have mpg files for every counter. for e.g when counter number 1 is called, 1.mpg will play and after that again the show starts playing in a loop until next event.
Now if i use slave command "loadfile" for loading "1.mpg" this flickers the screens i.e. the screens goes blank for 2 seconds and then the new show is loaded. This effect is highly undesireable. (i am using mplayer on console windows using svga driver... my mother board is via mini-itx). i am alrady using fixed-vo option but the effect is still there. i am using MPlayer-1.0pre7.
I did one more test. i ran 2 instances of mplayer using slave mode. i pause one mplayer and let the another mplayer to run. when some counter calls the customer, i pause the first mplayer and resume the other mplayer. this gives me very very smmoth transition between the movies. this effect is perfect. but the problem is that 1 have 100 counters and ofcourse i cannot create 100 instances of mplayer. i am kind of stuck now.. please guide me that how can i accomplish this task.....



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