[MPlayer-users] feature suggestion: adding Subtitle Brightness Setting, and .......

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Sat Apr 23 20:35:26 CEST 2005

Hi there,

when using MPlayer, the subtitle color is extremely bright, like #FFFFFF,  
for some video files whose picture quality are sharp, bright, clear, this 
goes just fine, , like the following example:


but there are some video files, their picture  quality are not that well, a 
bit blurry or not that sharp,  like the following example:

blurry picture with extremely white subtitle, the already a bit blurry 
picture looks more unacceptable in comparison with the extremely white 
subtitle, in this case, if the subtitle color could be adjusted to a less 
bright one, or even a dim one, maybe it'll combine well with the a bit 
blurry picture quality.

i was wondering if Subtitle Brightness Setting could be added to MPlayer, so 
that when playing a kind of blurry video file, we could adjust the 
brightness of the .srt subtitle on the fly to suit the a bit blurry picture 

it seems MPlayer by now still does not support .rar subtitle file, if the 
subtitle file is in .rar format, then MPlayer cannot read it, as a result 
there is no subtitle on the screen. Compared to all other Windows media 
players, they can read .rar subtitle file when playing video file, and it 
seems unnecessarily tedious everytime we have to manually unarchive .rar 
subtitle files before using them. so it would be great if MPlayer could 
support reading .rar subtitle files, that will surely save us a lot of 
unnecessary trouble.

currently, MPlayer support .srt subtitle file, but seems not all the 
features in .srt files are supported by MPlayer, like "Italic, color, bold, 
font, font style, font size", when will MPlayer support these features in 
.srt subtitle file?

one of the MPlayer developers said: <reimar> As soon as somebody writes the 
support for it. Italic bold etc. should be not too difficult, colour would 
need a rewrite of many parts (and come with a performance penalty, so hard 
to get into CVS).

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