[MPlayer-users] rtsp stream playback does't work except mp3

Oleynik Phil Oleynik.Phil at mail.ioffe.ru
Wed Apr 20 17:14:46 CEST 2005

乔建苹 wrote:

>Thank you, Philipp!
>I run  " mplayer -v rtsp://host/mpg1video.mpg" and  "mplayer
>rtsp://host/realmp3.mp3 " the following are the results:
>1.# mplayer -v rtsp://host/mpg1video.mpg

>Found new stream (id: 0)
>Stream mimetype: video/MPV
>Unknown video stream format
>### skipping 0 bytes of codec info
>Chunk: MDPR (5250444d) (size: 0x37, offset: 0x9a)
>Found new stream (id: 1)
>Stream mimetype: audio/MPA
>Unknown audio stream format
>### skipping 0 bytes of codec info
>Chunk: DATA (41544144) (size: 0x1b8eb0, offset: 0xd1)
>Packets in file: 1204
>No stream found.
>vo: x11 uninit called but X11 not inited..
>Exiting... (End of file)
Now I see your problem - mplayer gets stream, but does not know what to 
do with it.
You may try to use '-vc mpeg12,' and '-ac ffmp3,mad,' .
Streams seem to be MPEG-1,2 and MPEG Layer 3 for audio.
Because your stream located in internal network, I cannot test anything,
so just guessing. If problem persists, try to find publicly seen stream, 
so I can see it also.


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