[MPlayer-users] Disable "Cycle Fullscreen Resolution"

Peter Buchmann peter.buchmann at gmx.net
Wed Apr 20 16:46:47 CEST 2005


i just downloaded the newest mplayer CVS and i would
like it to use the "old" behaviour when i press F.

Now it goes fullscreen but it takes like 5 seconds and
it isnt the correct resolution. Before the update i was
using a Jan2005 CVS and the behaviour upon F was that i
resized the mplayer window to fullscreen.

Now to my question: Is there a switch at compile-time to
disable the whole "Cycle Fullscreen Resolution" thing?

I just want to press F and it goes fullscreen. I dont want
to press C 7 time to go have the vid fullscreen, especially
since it takes about 2-4 seconds on each change.

Thanks for your help

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