[MPlayer-users] Subtitles problem (especially in MPlayer-1.0pre7)

Mikko Nummelin mnummeli at cc.hut.fi
Mon Apr 18 20:30:06 CEST 2005

I have noticed that with several DVD:s actually having Finnish subtitles 
(fi), MPlayer does not choose the right subtitle when trying to invoke it 

$ mplayer dvd://1 -vo xv -slang fi

but often chooses a wrong text subtitle with Danish, Norwegian or Swedish 
languages. In 1.0-pre5 and previous versions, this could be circumvented 
by manually trying different numbers of subtitles like this

$ mplayer dvd://1 -vo xv -sid 0
$ mplayer dvd://1 -vo xv -sid 1
$ mplayer dvd://1 -vo xv -sid 2
$ mplayer dvd://1 -vo xv -sid 3


and often the Finnish subtitle actually appears on some number. With -pre7 
however, the situation has worsened as it simply does not show some 
subtitles which the -pre5 would show. For example, I yesterday watched 
"Ripley's Game" DVD, where

$ mplayer dvd://1 -vo xv -slang fi

erroneously displayed the Danish subtitle in both -pre5 and -pre7.

$ mplayer dvd://1 -vo xv -sid 6

correctly displayed the Finnish subtitle in -pre5 but did not display any 
subtitle in -pre7.

I apologize if this has been previously answered or already fixed in CVS.

Mikko Nummelin

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