[MPlayer-users] Wince during DVD and VCD playing

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Thu Apr 14 23:57:00 CEST 2005

> sometimes when I play VCD and every time when I play DVD I see a wince
> (tremor, twitch) on my television. This happens in an intervall of 2
> or 3 seconds. I use the output of my DVB-Card (Full Featured, i.e.
> MPEG-2 hardwaredecoder) to my television.

I sometimes have this problem when using a DXR3 as well (a hardware MPEG

> What can I do to prevent this wince?

It seems to be caused when the sound goes out of sync with the video -
mplayer drops a few frames of video to bring everything back in sync. 
If you're using a cheap sound card, apparently this can be why the
timing is out as they're not terribly accurate.  Try playing the video
with -nosound and see if it makes a difference.  You won't want to
forcefully stop this from happening (e.g. with -noframedrop) because
then you'll lose A/V sync after a while.


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