[MPlayer-users] xv overlay dies with nVidia card

Phil Oleynik Oleynik.Phil at mail.ioffe.ru
Thu Apr 14 21:32:52 CEST 2005

RC wrote:

>>So although there is some good to be said about nVidia, it is far away
>>being Linux friendly.
>Perhaps, but their support is still better than ATI, unfortunately...
Once, I have seen wonderful creation from ATI. Rage Mobility 128.
Under w32 it failed to init overlay if x-size was more than 720px,
and under Linux it somehow managed to open overlay, but after
720th pixel there was vertical band with colourful noise. Just noise.
Since that, I am afraid of ATI. Nvidia Vanta also had surprized me once,
on overlay it had vertical pillars with sparkles, as though it is some
interference on old TV. With increasing size of overlay the bug was
disappearing gradually. I still wonder, how it happens... ^-^
However, NVidia cards nowadays seem be better than others. IMHO.


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