[MPlayer-users] xv overlay dies with nVidia card

Jouni.Lohikoski@iki.fi jlohikos at cc.hut.fi
Thu Apr 14 15:41:38 CEST 2005

On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 04:13:02AM -0700, RC wrote:
> Option 3)  Damn glad something works.
> If there were any cards with high-quality TV-out, and open-source
> drivers for X11, I'd be happy to stop buying from NVidia.  As it is, I'm
> just glad there's an alternative to ATI's crap...  

But why nVidia does not support Video-IN in their drivers, although so
many nVidia based cards have Video-IN capability? They do support it in
MS Windows and I believe in OS X. nVidia has said, they won't support
Video-IN in Linux because they think it is not their job. At the same
time they have made system software locks into nVidia binary driver, 
so no other driver can use the hardware on the PCI/AGP-card at the same time,
so noone else but nVidia actually could make such a driver. On the other 
hand if nVidia would provide full specs of its GPU and API, rivaTV and open
source nv driver could do the job for them, for free. 

So although there is some good to be said about nVidia, it is far away 
being Linux friendly.

// jouni

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