[MPlayer-users] encoding error

H du Plooy hdp at webmail.co.za
Wed Apr 13 21:00:49 CEST 2005

On Monday 11 April 2005 08:51, RC wrote:
> Hans du Plooy <hdp at webmail.co.za> wrote:
> > I get this about 80%
> > through the second pass:
> >
> > Pos:2510.1s  75526f (99%)  93fps Trem:   0min 249mb  A-V:0.070 [700:127]
> I'm a bit confused...  If it's 80% through the second-pass as you say it
> is, why does the mencoder output say it's 99% finished?  Does 2,510 seconds
> equal 80% of the real length?
I'm sorry, I was unclear.  The resulting AVI seems to be only about 80% of the 
file, eventhough mencoder says 99% when it bombs out.

I am completely stumped though.  After getting your mail I went home to do it 
again and copy all the output I can get.  And guess what?  It worked!  
Murphy's law...

> What it almost certanly means is that your divx2pass.log file is short by a
> few frames.
Probably what happened.  I did the second pass a couple times over with the 
same results, but I never did the first pass over.  The divx2pass.log file 
probably got damaged somehow.

Thanks for the help though.

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