[MPlayer-users] audio - video synchronization

Jan Knutar jknutar at nic.fi
Wed Apr 13 00:01:19 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 13 April 2005 00:05, CrimeDog wrote:

> I have alsa dmix, but this is not as good as it should. 


I am quite amazed how the ALSA people, when creating a new interface to supposedly
'improve' upon OSS or whatever, managed to create something that is so horrible.

Alsa dmix does some very bad things. You link your app against alsa, and the library
will behind your back fork() to create some sort of mixer thread. For a library to fork()
behind your back is quite evil! It's especially bad for threaded programs, and even
though mplayer isn't one, it still has to interact with other programs under dmix brain-
damage... :-(

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