[MPlayer-users] trying to stream more than one MPEG2 file from the server to the client

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Mon Apr 11 15:25:01 CEST 2005

anupama biswas wrote:

>The server streams out A/V elementary streams
>separately in two different ports. 
>Basically I'm interested in Mplayer channel change
>capabilities. If I give the command
>mplayer file1 file2
>and then switch between the two files, the file being
>played is closed and the other file is played.
>(Similar action happens for RTSP streaming.) For
>multiple switchings, each time the files are played
>from the beginning. My intention, however, is to play
>multiple streams simultaneously with the option of
>channel change; i.e. the video in the background
>should also play and when I switch to it, I should
>view it not from the beginning but as if it had ran in
>the background while the other was run in the
>foreground. Is there any MPlayer option to do this?

please, don't top-reply: it's strictly forbidden in mplayer lists.

If  audio and video streams are in separate sockets you have to compile
mplayer with LIVE's rtsp libraries and use rtsp:// or sdp:// syntax;
I don't know if demux_rtp supports on the fly stream swicthing, but I 
don't think so.

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