[MPlayer-users] Bug: crashing with -framedrop and h264+B-frames

Alexander Strange astrange at ithinksw.com
Mon Apr 11 04:05:30 CEST 2005

I've found two problems with a file I encoded with x264 using 
B-pyramid/weighted prediction in mplayer:

1. If -lavdopts gray is enabled, the movie appears bright green, 
presumably because the chroma channels are being filled with 0.
2. Unpredictable crashes when -audiofile is used. I believe this is 
happening when -framedrop skips a B-frame, so it may be harder to 
reproduce on a faster CPU.

I'm experiencing this on a 500 MHz PowerPC G3/OS X; I presume 2 hasn't 
been discovered because others don't need to drop frames so often. It's 
easy to trigger it by starting something else expensive, even if it's 
just a lot of "yes" runs.

I uploaded the file as h264_bframe_crash2.txt/mp4 
(h264_bframe_crash.mp4 is a failed upload and can be deleted) to 
mplayerhq.hu incoming, with MPlayer's output and the gdb backtrace.

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