[MPlayer-users] burned dvd wont play - what goes wrong

Julián Nuñez julian at proteger.org.ar
Thu Apr 7 21:48:58 CEST 2005

Bob Davis wrote:

> Giacomo Comes wrote:
>> On Wed, Apr 06, 2005 at 12:00:25PM +0100, Stephen Mollett wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> On Wednesday 06 Apr 2005 05:16, Bob Davis wrote:
>>>> ... what is the correct way to clone a dvd?
>>> I'd suggest using dvdbackup (from dvd-create.sourceforge.net) to 
>>> dump the structure of the DVD to your hard drive (as a 
>>> directory/file tree), which also decrypts the VOBs, then using 
>>> mkisofs -dvd-video .... to remaster it:
>>> dvdbackup -i /dev/dvd -M -o /path/to/save/backup
>>> mkisofs -dvd-video [other options] -o image.iso /path/to/save/backup
>>> Then just burn the image as usual. (I guess you could save a bit of 
>>> disk space by piping the image straight into dvdrecord.)
>>> Stephen
>> Another tool similar to to dvdbackup is vobcopy.
>> But you have to remember two things:
>> 1) dvdbackup or vobcopy make a backup of the video content
>> of the DVD but they do not backup other files present outside the 
>> directory VIDEO_TS
>> 2) If you make a backup of a DVD9, you will not be able to burn
>> it on a non dual-layer dvd media.
>> With encode2mpeg (http://encode2mpeg/sf/net)
>> you can backup easily the full content of a DVD with just the 
>> following command:
>> encode2mpeg -o DISK -cache /var/tmp/cache /media/cdrecorder 
>> -savecache -removecache -cacheonly
>> You have also the option to backup a DVD9 on two
>> single layer DVD and be able to use the 2 backup DVD
>> on a PC.
>> More details on http://encode2mpeg.sf.net/html/cache.html
>> Giacomo
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> Unfortunately I am on win-xp and use cygwin. I looked and didnt see 
> any reference to dvdbackup being able to be compiled to win32?
> As far as I know all 3 of these tools are linux only
> 1. dvdbackup
> 2. vobcopy
> 3. encode2mpeg
> I do have access to a 3 or 4 linux machines but they tend to be the 
> underpowered, small disks servers of the house. The tv card and 
> dvdburner are on the winxp machine. I am going to look at dvd shrink 
> as a possible win32 solution.

Use SmartRipper. I use it to backup/decrypt DVD discs on Win32.

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