[MPlayer-users] How to find internet radio stations?

Beni Mahler benibunny at gmx.ch
Wed Apr 6 15:20:25 CEST 2005


try streamlocator.de

it s a great thing, you chooose stations from a list or start mplayer 
with http://"station-name".streamlocator.de  the site links all the 
stations to their stream. you can even post streams yourself.


Rainer Hantsch schrieb:

>I know this is a little bit OT, but please help.
>When one posted a few days ago that he cannot play one radio station, I tried
>that url out and it works fine.
>Now my question: Where can I get a list of radio stations and how I have to
>establish the connection to it? I can google for "internet radio" and get a
>lot of stations in my browser, but all of them do not work with (my) Linux.
>Can someone help, please?   (Maybe one can leave me some links with a minimum
>of commercials, for background music. My favorites are Old-Style-Blues,
>Gospels and everything in this kind, if there are stations specialized on
>Thanks in advance! :-)
>  Ing. Rainer Hantsch
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