[MPlayer-users] mplayer OSD levels

Mattias Wernér dev.null at neolite.net
Tue Apr 5 03:08:20 CEST 2005

I've been reading the manpages to death and either I'm blind and/or
stupid but I can't for the life of me solve this.

When I play a clip with mplayer and decide to jump ahead or back in the
file, the progress bar shows up. That's just great.
What I also want is the [time played] / [total time] to display as well,
and disappear with the progress bar.
I know that tapping "o" to toggle through the cycles, but then the stats
are fixed. I want it to disappear when the progressbar
fades out.

I've only succeded in having them display permantly on, or off
altogether, and it's driving me nuts.

Is it possible to do this. If so, how? If not... then I can finally rest
in peace.

Would _really_ appreciate help with this. Sorry if I'm being a whiney bitch.


Mattias Wernér

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