[MPlayer-users] mencoder and stdin

Ulrich Schweitzer us- at gmx.de
Wed Sep 29 20:54:01 CEST 2004


I've noticed a problem when using mencoder pre5-3.3.2 with stdin.

If I encode a movie with
mencoder whatever.vob ...
everything works fine, but if I use
cat whatever.vob|mencoder - ...
strange things happen.
At first everything works as expected, but at the very end of the second 
pass, mencoder crashes with 

mencoder: ratecontrol.c:618: ff_rate_estimate_qscale: Assertion 
`picture_number<rcc->num_entries' failed.
./encode-test-stdin: line 33:  6147 Done                    cat $VOB
      6148 Aborted                 | mencoder - $EXTRA $FORCEDSUBS -of avi 
-noodml -aid $AUDIOID -oac copy -audio-density 25 -ovc lavc -lavcopts 
-vf ${DEINT}crop=$CROP,${DENOISE}scale=$SCALE,harddup -sws 2 $SUB 
-force-avi-aspect $AR -o $NAME.avi

and the resulting avi doesn't have an index.  What's worse is that the avi 
often also has a-v-sync issues.

I just compared the two divx2pass.log-files and it turns out, they are 
completely different. It seems, none of the lines are the same.

What's going on?
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