[MPlayer-users] Re: Help needed for using mplayer with freevo

Sebastian Kaps seb at toyland.sauerland.de
Wed Sep 22 11:22:46 CEST 2004


> Try -vf expand=1024:768:::1

This does not work. Currently mplayer is launched by freevo like this:

/usr/local/bin/mplayer -autosync 100 -nolirc -autoq 100 \
 -screenw 1024 -screenh 768 -fs -slave -ao alsa:mmap:device=default \
 -ac hwac3, -v -vo x11 -cache 5000 -nofs -xy 1024  -aspect 16:9 \
 -geometry 0:0 -zoom -novm -vf pp=de /path/to/movie

This shows the movie in a 1024x??? sized window in the upper left corner
of my screen.

When I add "-vf expand=1024:768:::1", then I get a 1600x1600 pixel
window with the movie centered inside. I have no idea why.

Ciao, Sebastian

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