[MPlayer-users] Re: Help needed for using mplayer with freevo

Sebastian Kaps seb at toyland.sauerland.de
Wed Sep 22 09:47:50 CEST 2004


>> I need mplayer to play videos in a 1024x768 pixel sized window in the
>> upper left corner of my screen
> Simple enough:  mplayer -xy 1024 -geometry 0:0 

I had to add '-novm' and '-nofs' to override my ~/.mplayer/config
settings, but now I get a 1024 pixels wide window in the upper left
corner of my screen. Almost what I wanted. But if the movie does not
have a 4:3 aspect ratio, the window's height is lower (usually) than 768
pixels which has two unwanted effects:
- parts of the desktop are visible on the tv screen
- the movie is aligned to the top of the screen while it would be better
  to have it centered vertically and to add black bars above and below
  the actual picture.

So I'd need something like -fs which thinks that the screen size ist
exactly 1024x768. I tried -screenw/-screenh but that doesn't seem to
have any effect.

> Since you're using -vo x11, you'll need to add "-zoom" to that, so it
> does software scaling.

That works :-)

>> Ideally video should be shrinked horizontally by a factor 0.75,
>> allowing me to use the 16:9 mode of my tv.
> Not exactly sure what you're looking for,

Ok, let me make this clear first:
I have a 16:9 tv. The 1024x768 pixel window appears centered on the tv
screen (which is in 4:3 mode), using the full height but leaving black
bars to the left and right of the picture.
If I switch the tv to 16:9 mode, the picture is stretched horizontally
(by a factor 1.33), so that it fills the whole screen without losing any
information (as opposed to the zoom-modes where you can also fill the
whole screen but parts of the top and bottom of the picture disappear
outside the screen).
I'd now need mplayer to pre-compensate the x1.3 stretch by shrinking the
movie width before scaling.

> but probably either "-monitoraspect 16:9" or just "-aspect 16/9" will
> do what you need.

-monitoraspect 16:9 has no effect, as far as I can see.
-aspect 16:9 seems change the aspect ratio correctly. I thought it might
have problems with correctly scaling movies which have a 2.35:1 ratio
but it looks okay.

So all I'd need now is to center the movie on the tv screen and fill the
visible desktop areas with black.

Ciao, Sebastian

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