[MPlayer-users] Re: Status of TooLAME patch?

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Wed Sep 22 06:38:03 CEST 2004

>>  There was a great patch submitted awhile back to add TooLAME (MP2)
>>  audio encoding to MEncoder. I know it was never applied, but can one
>>  of the developers take a look at it?
>>  I've been using it and it's worked great, but as of today's CVS, it no
>>  longer patches configure successfully (at least without modifying it).
>>  TIA,
>>  Steve
>committed just now in cvs
>        Nico

  Thanks! I've got a compile problem (unrelated to toolame), but I just
  used the newly-patch stuff against yesterday's CVS and recompiled. 

  Toolame really is a worthwhile addition, I think. Not only is the
  audio quality better, it seems to help A-V sync, although I have no
  idea why. :)

  BTW, the Toolame site moved awhile back, the beta release is at 
  http://users.tpg.com.au/adslblvi/ . 
  Also, there's a guy who made a package of it which uses libtool and
  will compile shared libs. That link is on the Toolame mailing list at
  Sourceforge. I haven't done much testing with those versions, just
  compiled them and checked that they do work, so it might be better to
  go with the 02m-beta8 release if unsure.


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