[MPlayer-users] Silence when playing wma stream (pos

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Tue Sep 21 20:43:21 CEST 2004

>will somebody take a look at this possibly bug? I've sent it about month ago to
> the forum and have got no response so far. As I reported there, it occurs (lon
>g silence periods) only when playing 8kb or 16kb mms streams.
>The original message: Subject: [MPlayer-users] No sound when playing wma9spdmo
>(Windows Media Audio 9 Speech DMO) streams
>  Since then I've found more problematic stations, here are  examples:
>mms://netshow3.atlas.cz/cro6-8   - has problems [wma9spdmo]
>URL=http://live.atlas.cz/cro6/cro6-16.asx :
>mms://netshow3.atlas.cz/cro6-16  - problems ""
>mms://netshow3.atlas.cz/cro6-32  - ok [ffwmav2]
>mms://netshow3.atlas.cz/cro2-10 - problems ""
>mms://netshow3.atlas.cz/cro2-20 - ok [ffwmav2]
>mms://netshow3.atlas.cz/cro1-10 - problems ""
>mms://netshow3.atlas.cz/cro1-20 - ok [ffwmav2]
>mms://netshow3.atlas.cz/cro3-10 - problems ""
>mms://netshow3.atlas.cz/cro3-20 - ok
>- this stream has fewer problems (fewer silence periods):
>mms://netshow3.atlas.cz/reginapraha-10  [wma9spdmo]
>- in contrary, this stream is always ok:
>mms://netshow3.atlas.cz/crosever16  [wma9spdmo]
>The asx URLs for all streams can be found here:
>Maybe the possible reason for this behaviour is the additional info continously
> sent in streams (indicated as "Unknown extra header dump").
>     Václav Dvorák
>ICQ-68882252, wacd(at)volny.cz


  Just to verify your results, the only two of the streams above which I
  can play are the last two. The rest of them give me xruns of varying
  length with ALSA, and dead silence with OSS output.

  This is kind of strange, I can't tell whether it's an issue with the
  decoding or if it's in the stream transport itself. 

  Anyway, FWIW, it's also broken for me (except the last 2).


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