[MPlayer-users] per second seeking with mplayer

Kotrla Vitezslav kotrla at ceb.cz
Tue Sep 21 09:55:15 CEST 2004

I need to use mplayer to analyze relatively short (a few minutes) video clips
and what I miss is more fine grained seeking. My work involves a lot of 
seeking back and forward using keyboard, but default 10 seconds is too long
for my microanalysis. I created  mpeg4 AVI clip with keyframes every one second
(keyint=25 in lavcopts), now if I only could persuade mplayer to use all these
keyframes for seeking.

Is it possible to get 1 second seeking interval with mplayer? I hope it is only matter 
of some constant in source I could change and then recompile.

Thanks for any heplful insight,

Vitezslav Kotrla

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