[MPlayer-users] -ss option time descrepancy

Alain Barthélemy cassandre at bartydeux.be
Sat Sep 11 14:19:58 CEST 2004

CVS from yesterday 10th september.

The fact that my avi file stopped after 77 minutes in my standalone reader did
not inspire anybody.

Now more informations:

Movie on DVD that lasts 110 minutes (6600s):

# mplayer -dev-device /dev/sr0 dvd://1 -ss 4500 ===> nothing although 4500 < 6600

# mplayer -dev-device /dev/sr0 dvd://1 -ss 2780 ===> movies starts at about
4500s truly according to the output line from MPlayer.

Thus there is a discrepancy between real time and the time read by -ss option.

Same problem with MEncoder. When the encoded avi file is read by my standalone
mpeg4 reader, the movie stops at about 77 minutes. Thus I suppose there is a
discrepancy between real time and some other time scale (same time scale read
by -ss option). In this case I suppose the standalone reader reads (on which
scale?) 110min when the movie is really at 77min thus it stops.

Sorry if it is not clear but I would like to solve the problem. The compressed
movies on some DVD seem corrupted. Is there a way to reestablish the right time
scale on a avi file with a time scale badly read by -ss option.

Hoping to be clear now. I have a avi file I would like to "heal". It means
start at second 600 when I type mplayer movie.avi -ss 600 and not at second 400
or 300. How to dio it?


Alain Barthélemy 
cassandre at bartydeux.be 
Linux User #315631

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