[MPlayer-users] Problem playing .nsv NullSoft video

Dzon dzon at softhome.net
Thu Sep 9 21:14:41 CEST 2004

> > This seems to be related to the update to libfaad 2.0. Try to use a 
> > different version, I tested with cvs -z3 update -r 1.1 libfaad2, but you 
> > could also use an external version (configure --enable-external-faad).
> Or alternatively try the attached patch and report whether it works for 
> you as well. If you have other nsv/faad files, you could test it on them 
> as well to see if it breaks anything...

Hello Reimar,
thanks a lot for the patch, it seems to be working, superb :)

I dare to ask one more question, I have read all the man few times and 
tried some options, but no success.
I want to convert .nsv file to .avi:

mencoder -oac pcm -ovc lavc 1.nsv -o 1.avi

Mencoder drops some video frames and that results in a/v desync. Is it 
possible to tell mencoder to drop also audio fragments when dropping video 
frames to keep sync?

Thanks and sorry for bothering with maybe such an easy thing [not for me].

                               dzon at softhome.net

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