[MPlayer-users] Spams in Mplayer users digest

Václav Dvorák wacd at volny.cz
Tue Sep 7 10:41:45 CEST 2004


Could you do something with the spam messages in Mplayer users digest? 

My antispam filters do often sort out certain issues (e.g. the latest 24, 25 of Vol. 9)!

The message 
  1. "[MPlayer-users] new soft" 
  "Mzaccagn" <supportshoal at cooldictionary.com>
is undoubtly a spam!!! 

How is it possible to send such messages for unregistred users? 
If they're registred, why aren't they ERASED immediately?

Vaclav Dvorak, wacd at volny.cz

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