[MPlayer-users] Rich, re the "shooting to memory+lost events" patch..

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Tue Sep 7 01:32:16 CEST 2004

>> >>>   Hi,
>> >>>
>> >>>   This patch was submitted by Mikulas on June 30, and I wonder if
>> >>>   someone could please look at it and apply if it's OK?
>> >>>
>> >>   Its fixes a bug which occurs with SVGAlib, where if you hold down the
>> >>   left arrow key to back up to the start of a video (or any key, for
>> >>   that matter), then hit some other key (to change brightness, for
>> >>   example), MPlayer will back up to the start of the video again.
>> >>
>> >>   This patch still works on current CVS, btw. Here's the URL and a copy
>> >>   of the original post. Thanks!
>> >>
>> >>   Steve
>> >>
>> >> http://mplayerhq.hu/pipermail/mplayer-users/2004-June/046528.html
>> >Steve, you should not say this is just an svgalib problem. It happens
>> >with any vo. I expect someone would be more likely to review and apply
>> >it if they knew it mattered to all vo's instead of just the most
>> >broken and useless one... :)
>> >
>> >Rich
>>   Hi,
>>   I'm not subscribed to the developer's list (since I'm not one! :)),
>>   so hope you see this.
>>   I didn't know it was a problem with all output devices, I don't run
>>   X and my card won't use the framebuffer, either. :(
>>   Anyway, you have a point, I hope somebody will see your reply. BTW,
>>   I love the svgalib performance, I'm impressed with what you guys
>>   have done with it.
>>   Thanks for the correction!
>>   Steve
>no prob! i know svgalib has good performance, i just think it sucks
>because of no vsync. but maybe vsync does work with some cards...?
>anyway i like the patch but i'd need to read and understand the code a
>lot better to feel comfortable applying it, so i'm hoping someone else
>will do it. if not i'll take a look...remind us in a week or so if no
>one's acted on it.

  Thanks Rich, much appreciated! About the code, I'm the same way, I
  don't know a thing about it. I've used the patch extensively, but
  that's hardly a guarantee of its safety/desirability in all

  As for video cards, this thing's an old Trident TGUI 9440, 1MB of
  video RAM, and I don't think it supports anything! <g> I'll hopefully
  run into a better one someday, the framebuffer would sure be nice.


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