[MPlayer-users] 4 mencoder question and 1 mplayer

jimbo yebster jyebster at yahoo.ca
Thu Sep 2 13:09:48 CEST 2004

 --- Jack <lt at speakeasy.net> wrote: 
> >I want to change the audio from the scene; I do a:
> >mencoder R1.avi -ovc copy -oac copy -audiofile
> Ray.mp3
> >-o R1-Ray.avi
> >and mencoder just hang. top shows me 99% of CPU use
> >but nothing happens
> >  
> >
> This has been known to happen when Mplayer is
> compiled with nonstandard 
> cflags, or if you use GCC 3.4 to compile it.
> (hopefully someone is 
> working on this)
> It should work if you use GCC 3.3.x, or with 3.4.x
> if you run configure 
> with --enable-debug=1.
That do the job.
Thank you.

And for other problems, no ideas?

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